Through years of ministry and conversations with hundreds of urban youth workers, we've seen three key issues rise to the top

1. Urban youth ministries are under resourced

2. Urban youth ministry is under represented in content and training 

3. Urban leaders are under constant pressure to lead effective ministries due to #'s 1 & 2


Our Team

Our Team



Muta - 12 years ago I started a simple Bible study with a group of teens. My passion was to see the teens grow into young men and women who were transformed by the Gospel. I wanted them to understand that their faith is not disconnected to their current stage of life. That small bible study turned into a full blown youth ministry and a full time job as a youth pastor. Since then I've had the privilege of seeing my students grow and thrive into men and women of faith. Through the years I've got to walk alongside other leaders in ministry helping them connect faith and life with their students. So with thirty3seven, my hope is to create a vehicle that inspires leaders to know that their ministry matters and equip them with the tools to help them build transformational youth ministries that impact students and leaders just like mine did. (Learn more about Muta here)

Mike - For a long time I believed God was real, relevant, and creative. However, I did not see that reflected in the urban context, instead what I saw was what Bill Bernbach noted; ” a sameness, a mental weariness, a mediocrity of ideas…” So I made a vow to myself that if I ever stepped into an opportunity to provide honest, engaging, and relevant design in the urban teen context, I would make it happen. (Learn more about Mike here)


Open Positions

Freelance Designer

We are always in search of dope designers who can turn creative concepts into limited edition tee shirt designs and product packaging.


  • Passion for design and creative development
  • Proficient with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, & Indesign
  • Proven ability to produce high level visual design 
  • Portfolio available upon request

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